Well, we are almost there.

Running for Parliament has been a big bucket list thing for me. To all those people who have helped out, thanks for making this dream of mine come true. My gratitude to all of you for this will be with me all the rest of my life.

The other big thing on my bucket list is serving Edmonton Strathcona as a member of the government in the House of Commons. That last item is in the hands of the people, as it should be. We Conservatives believe that we have spoken to the priorities of Canadians by promoting a healthy economy, keeping taxes low and keeping our country secure. We will soon know if we were right.

One last thing. Vote. Thousands of Canadians have fought and died so that we can choose our leaders with two little strokes of a pencil. Vote. Millions of people around the world thirst for the opportunity to live in a society where people can decide their future openly and peacefully. Vote. So that the simple act of the one can express the wisdom of the many through our democracy.