A friend of mine who is now an MP used to have distinct teams of door knockers when he ran for a seat in Ottawa. Wildrose supporters one day.  PC supporters the next. In 2015 when I ran federally our campaign had no such separation. I remember one evening I was out door knocking with two guys both named Rob. Each had important positions with the PCs and Wildrose. They got along famously because each loved talking politics with each other and the people we met on their doorsteps.

The point of this post is twofold. First, I need people to help knock doors and sell UCP memberships with me in Sherwood Park. It’s great exercise and you get to hear first hand from Albertans about why the NDP deserve to be one and done. Second, uniting two parties is a process and nothing brings people together better than working on a team striving to achieve a common goal. Our campaign is not about past conservative differences. I could care less if you had a green or blue (or even orange) lawn sign last time. What I do care about, and respect, is your commitment to making our province better by helping elect a government that shares the values and priorities of mainstream Albertans.