A few days ago I tweeted about speed limits on the Sherwood Park freeway. Part of the freeway is legally provincial highway 100, but there are no signs indicating this. On my website and social media I referred to the unsigned highway as “secret”. The NDP and their twitter fellow travelers went berserk. I received large amounts of faux outrage for equating “unsigned” with “secret”. Meanwhile, the NDP sent out a fund raising email that equated electing a UCP government with nuclear war. The Notley government anger machine seems to think electing a conservative government is equivalent to the death of millions of people in a global war.

I won’t be taking any more advice from the NDP and their friends on the issue of equivalencies.  I will suggest that electing a UCP government equals more private sector investment, which equals more and better jobs, which equals a better tax base, which equals a return to a balance budget.