There is little doubt in my mind that left wing idealism based on compelling oratory died in 1980 with Ted Kennedy`s concession speech. The political left were crushed by the conservative idealism of Ronald Reagan that year and they never got over it.

Since then the quest for economic democracy and social justice has been tied to an attempt by the left to muzzle the debate. It started with the stupidity of political correctness and progressed to the point where we are on the right are damned for using the words “he” or “she”.  The recent episode at Wilfred Laurier University is just one more example of the left muzzling anyone who dares present an argument that challenges their revisionist view of how things ought to be. Challenge the dogma of the left on any issue from climate change to defending the historic name of the local football team and you will be personally attacked. When your government calls you a sewer rat for disagreeing with them things have gone way too far.

Punishing a teaching assistant for presenting the other side of the argument is the last straw. I have just had enough. It is time we called things for how they are. The left does not debate. They just seek to muzzle free speech, indoctrinate the young and personally attack their opponents.  The problem is not that we, on the right, think their arguments are too weak to be debated.  The problem is that the left have not enough confidence in their arguments to subject them to a fair debate.  I would be happy to debate any of the following assertions:

Free speech trumps political correctness because the search for truth is more important than people’s feelings.

The Edmonton Eskimos honour the Inuit people of northern Canada.

Social license is a failed theory.

Teaching a university course from a social justice perspective is intellectually dishonest.

The carbon tax is only there to make the political base of the left happy. It will not save a single tree.

In a free country Sheila Gunn Reid gets to speak her mind. So too for everyone else on Rebel Media.

Most conservatives care deeply that your children grow up healthy and loved and could care less if they are gay.

People on the left would rather attack me for printing these views than debate them.