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News Release

September 23, 2014



Edmonton, AB. On Tuesday, September 23, the Edmonton Strathcona Electoral District Association of the Conservative Party of Canada announced that Len Thom will be its candidate in the next federal election.

“I am very pleased to announce that Len Thom has been unanimously acclaimed by our candidate nomination committee as our candidate in the next election,” Dr. Julian Martin, president of the riding association, told a gathering of local Conservative party members. “Len is a lifelong riding resident, a long time Conservative volunteer activist, and a successful lawyer based in Old Strathcona. He is an excellent choice to win back Edmonton Strathcona for our party in the next election.”

Mr. Thom, 54, a married father of two teenage stepchildren who resides in the Goldbar community where he was born and raised, serves on the board of the Edmonton Strathcona Conservative Association and until recently was president of the provincial Progressive Conservative riding association for Goldbar, represented by Minister David Dorward.

Mr. Thom told party members that Edmonton Strathcona has elected Members of Parliament representing the Conservative party and its legacy parties for all but 10 of the last 57 years, including from 1972 to 2008. “Our campaign will actively reach out to a broad range of conservatives and voters generally,” said Mr. Thom. “We need to speak to our shared goals of a vibrant economy and clean environment, grow our support and return Edmonton Strathcona strongly to the Conservative column.”

In his remarks, Mr. Thom noted that the next general election will turn on which party and which leader is most competent to ensure continued economic growth and job creation while balancing the budget and reducing federal taxes and debt. “Prime Minister Harper and his government guided Canada successfully through the worst global economic crisis in half a century,” said Mr. Thom. “I am proud to represent a party and government with a successful record of focused economic management.  On the international stage our Prime Minister has earned the appreciation of Canadians for his strong and principled advocacy for freedom and democracy in the face of terrorists and tyrants.”

Mr. Thom also paid tribute to local Conservative MPs and candidates including Rona Ambrose, Laurie Hawn and James Rajotte. “We have a great Conservative team here in the Capital region,” he said. “They have worked hard in Ottawa to win support for crucial local infrastructure projects like the Southeast LRT project, the Henday freeway, the Royal Alberta Museum, the Art Gallery of Alberta, and improving the trail system in the beautiful North Saskatchewan River valley that runs through the heart of our great riding.  I look forward to joining Edmonton’s team of veteran and new Conservative MPs, and giving Edmonton-Strathcona a strong voice inside the next Conservative majority government.”


Media contact for the Edmonton Strathcona Conservative Association:

Paul Bunner