They just don’t get it. Telus sent out a tweet that supports Justin Trudeau’s new Carbon Tax. Social media erupted and hours later they apologized. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Telus customers changed cell phone, home phone, internet or TV providers. Telus stock is getting pummelled today.

Telus management are probably asking themselves why people are so upset. Our elites, be they corporate, social or political, cannot seem to figure out why a majority of us are not happy to pay money to save our environment. They think we don’t care.

Well, first off we do care. We have, over a generation, become much more environmentally aware. We waste energy less. We recycle. We are careful about what we dump in our trash cans. We compost, go bagless, use cfl light bulbs and support greener products and companies. We have not missed the obvious point that we only have one planet and we must conserve it for ourselves and future generations.

However, we also want to protect our wallets. We are the ones that pay taxes. Times are tough and we have fewer dollars left in our family budgets. This is not a time we can handle new taxes or higher taxes. For many of us, we are already using less carbon based energy because we have less money to spend on everything including heating our homes or driving our cars.

The idea of a carbon tax is to punish us financially so we will use less energy. It is behaviour modification to cause us to make different choices the government thinks are better for us. Deep down we resent this. We want to be free to make our own choices and not have them imposed upon us. We want our choices respected. We also resent a government that views staying warm or getting to work as bad choices. We don’t mind paying taxes when there is a common benefit derived like building schools, hospitals or roads. We do mind paying taxes as punishment for cooking supper or driving our kids to soccer practise.

We don’t want a carbon tax because we want the government to get off our ass. We think government should be able to fix problems without robbing us of our wealth or freedom. And darn it, we will stand up for ourselves even if we have to change cell phone carriers to do it.