Len Thom

Passion for Alberta


restore Prosperity

End the carbon tax and
balance the books.

restore Opportunity

Support investment to
get our economy going.

restore Confidence

A brighter future for
our families.

Support Len's UCP Nomination

Sherwood Park needs a representative
that shares our values and priorities.

A Message From Len Thom

On December 8, 2018 members of the UCP in Sherwood Park will choose our candidate for the next provincial election.  Since April I have knocked on 10,000 doors in Sherwood Park.  People want the next government to focus on the economy and get Alberta back on the road to prosperity.

The first thing the next government must do is restore confidence in the future of our province. Investors must have confidence that Alberta is a good place to invest capital. Businesses must have confidence that Alberta is a good place to create good jobs. Most importantly people must have confidence that Alberta is a good place to build a future for themselves and their families.

Governments must create an environment of opportunity to invest, create jobs and raise a family. This starts by supporting our two major industries; energy and agriculture. The NDP are no friends to the energy industry and have failed to adequately support the building of pipelines to get our energy products to market. Instead they punish our energy industry with a carbon tax that dampens economic activities and makes no material mitigation of climate change. I support the immediate repeal of the carbon tax by a new Conservative government.

Restoring confidence and fostering opportunity is the path back to prosperity for Albertans. I support a prosperous Sherwood Park, in a prosperous Alberta, in a prosperous Canada. Those things, by the way, are tied together. The Trans Mountain pipeline starts in Sherwood Park constituency. We are at the heart of the economic engine that drives a national economy.  If we work together we can do these things. I need your help and support to work with Jason Kenney and his team to restore a prosperous province for ourselves and our children. Please join in and help nominate me to be your next MLA in the next Conservative government.

— Len